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2018:  Start your New Year creating beautiful stained glass art!! 
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Don't miss the opportunity to participate in our Second Saturday Spirituality of the Arts program.  Check out our flyer here!

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  • Education
-Classes offered at skill levels from beginner to advanced
  • Preservation
-Restoration to preserve stained glass for future generations
  • Creation
-Design, consultation services and expert fabrication of traditional and contemporary stained glass art;
-Corporate Awards and Emblems; and,
-Free-lance glass painting for other Studios or stained glass artists
  • Installation
-Professional, custom installation of all window sizes & shapes.
The Sisters of St. Joseph believe that "Art is essential to life" and recognize the need to integrate spirituality and art.  Our studio designs, paints, fabricates and restores stained glass for communities of worship, private residences and businesses.  We believe strongly that the environment has the capacity of lifting the human spirit and opening it to the experience of the divine.
We also invite individuals to recognize artistic expression as a way to deepen awareness of spiritual experience through retreats, hands on classes, workshops ,seminars, instructional DVD's and workbooks.
The goal of our ministry is to enhance the spiritual life of each individual who encounters our work in whatever form that may be.
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