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Art Is Essential to Life

St. Joseph Ministries Architectural Stained Glass Studio designs, paints, and restores stained glass. 

Integrating Spirituality With Art

Stained glass is a wonderful art form that has been used in countless churches to tell stories, express devotion, and unite people. When light passes through stained glass windows, it illuminates the room with breathtaking colors, as if allowing the light of God into your life.

It is this ethereal, awe-inspiring beauty that St. Joseph Ministries’ Architectural Stained Glass Studio strives to share with you. We create, install, and restore stained glass windows that depict a variety of religious and creative designs. Through our beautiful artwork, we hope to lift the human spirit and open people’s hearts to the divine.


About Us

We as Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine have served the needs of God’s people in Florida for more than 150 years.

Our stained glass ministry helps us fulfill our calling to embrace the needs of the times. Today, more than ever before, people need signs and symbols to keep them focused on the presence of God and to help them hear God’s call for their lives. What better way to reach large numbers of people than through the visual and awe-inspiring beauty of stained glass?

As Sisters of St. Joseph and stained glass artists, we hope to bring God’s love, peace and presence to sacred spaces through the medium of stained glass. We wish to teach, touch, and help heal the lives of all who gaze upon our works of art.


  • Member of the Stained Glass Association of America
  • Member of American Glass Guild
  • Member of St. Augustine Artist Association
  • Member of Georgia Nick Gallery


We bring God's presence, love and peace to sacred spaces through the gift of stained glass. Using this art form and with God's grace, we teach, touch, and bring His healing love into the lives of our clients, our students, and all who gaze upon our works of art.

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